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Biosphere I Agriculture and Supporting Infrastructure Climate Response Management, Inc. (BASIC-M) 

Seeks to support the growth of small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) active in the sustainable agriculture, animal health and biosciences, and supporting infrastructure sectors across the globe. Our management team seeks to build exceptional patient capital investment vehicles that link individual, industrial, and institutional investors, while developing indigenous human capital throughout the world. 

BASIC-M is headquartered in greater Kansas City, Missouri (USA), the global epicenter of animal health innovation, research, and manufacturing. Kansas City is an economic and entrepreneurial anchor of the twelve-state region of the American Midwest, and the nucleus of the KC Animal Health Corridor, an agglomeration of more than 220 animal health-related companies and investment funds employing over 20,000 people, and generating fully one-third of the global animal health industry\'s $19 billion in sales. What\'s more, Kansas City lies at the heart of one of the most agriculturally productive areas in the world. Surveyed by the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City-the Federal Reserve System\'s leader in agricultural and rural research-activity within the Midwestern agricultural sector is fueled by intensive training, capital investment, and use of biotechnology. Annually, the Midwest produces more than a quarter of the world\'s corn output, and more than one-third of its soybean crop; within 350 miles of the Corridor alone, are more than 45 percent of the fed cattle in the US, over 40 percent of US hogs, and 20 percent of US beef cows and calves.

MasicM is a Technology Development and Investment Company.  Key BASICM unique offering is the INTEGRATION of

a) state of art  agro technology development and licensing,

b) investment project structuring in 8 key technology areas (greenhouses, aquaculture, seed breeding, agroforestry etc),

c) and 20 focused training courses on all aspects of project structuring.

Agri-Techno-Invest Projects could also be offered as part of Offsets.

Svipja co-operates with BASICM for operations in this Region and is a Project Principal.


Biosphere I

Agriculture & Supporting Infrastructure Climate Response Management, Inc.


White Paper 

June 2014  


By 2020, BASIC-M will become a $ 100 million per year gross revenue global sustainable agriculture company, derived from three core activities:

  • Technology development, customization, and licensing (40 percent)
  •  Agricultural project structuring, financing, and operations (40 percent)
  •  Restoration agriculture education and  training (20 percent) 

Core Activities 

 I.              Agricultural Project Structuring, Financing, and Operations:   Using land made available by BASIC-M Industrial Sector Partners (ISPs), BASIC-M is interested in co-investing in agricultural projects with business plans scoring a minimum of 2,400 points on the 3,000-point Project Investment Guidelines due diligencetool, and including multiple of the following themes:

  • Advanced greenhouse technologies
  • Agroforestry/perm culture
  • Prescriptive Planting (cube satellites, hyper spectral imaging sensor systems, cyber secure big data analytics’
  • Design of experiment and Bayesian/other statistical analysis of unstructured data)
  • No-till precision agriculture
  • Animal health
  • Aquaculture
  • Optimized phenotypic hybrid plant breeding
  • Agro biomass waste-to-energy technology
  • Agro insurance
  • Supporting infrastructure (e.g. Black & Veatch, Burns & McDonnell)    

II.        Technology Development (D), Customization (C), and Licensing (L)

  • Greenhouse heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (C, L)
  • Greenhouse boiler systems (C, L)
  • Greenhouse hydroponics (C, L)
  • Turnkey meat processing plant (C, L)
  • Aquaculture (C, L)
  • Phenotype Optimized Hybrid Seed (D, C)
  • Hyper-spectral automated tracking data analytics (D, C)    

III.        Restoration Agriculture Education and Training

  • Customized CSAL training courses are offered at the BASIC-M Master Farm in Greeley, Kansas, and at other locations throughout the world as needed, in formats ranging from two days to one week 

IV.        BASIC-M Demonstration Farm in Greeley, Kansa

  • BASIC-M operates an 80-acre demonstration farm validating elements of agro forestry.  This farm (and other properties inthe ASALIF inventory) are available for test/demonstration projects with universities and private sector firms of new technologies, processes, seed varieties, etc.

V.        BASIC-M Annual Sustainable Agriculture Conference & Awards

  • In coordination with other agricultural trade groups, BASIC-M co-sponsors an annual State of the Art Conference and Awards Ceremony, honoring leaders in a wide variety of categories and by global region, including:
  1. Government Administrator/Legislators of the Year
  2. Large, Medium, and Small Private Sector Firms of the Year
  3. Research Institutions of the Year
  4. Media Advocates of the Year  

VI.        BASICM Industrial Sector Partner Program and Value Proposition 

BASIC-M values long-term relationships with public and private sector entities interested in structuring, financing, and operating substantive agricultural projects.  Entities interested in working with BASIC-M can select from 2 agreements:

  1. Industrial Sector Partnership Agreement
  2. Investment Services Retainer Agreement

BASIC-M charges a one-time $5,000 (USD) partnership fee or retainer and includes:

  1. The BASIC-M minimum value proposition to partner entities includes, but is not limited to:200 hours of senior staff time to help mature a project Business Plan to investment-grade status per BASIC-M’s Project Investment Guidelines
  2. Submit project Business Plan to external and internal investor syndicates as well as a legacy network of Industrial Sector Partners in India, Brazil, Mexico, the European Union, non-EU central and southeastern Europe, and sub-Saharan Africa
  3. Promote project Business Plans on the BASIC-M website and other promotional materials, including the BASIC-M legacy company database of more than 9,000 email contacts

VII.        BASIC-M Technology Commercialization and Intellectual Property Monetization Strategy

  • BASIC-M is painfully aware that much, if not most, valuable intellectual property in patent or trade secret form, sits underutilized in a “valley of death” at universities, research institutions, and private companies
  • BASIC-M investors have decades of experience commercializing technology and monetizing intellectual property through:
  1. Appropriate use of the USA Small Business Innovation and Research and Small Business Technology Transfer Research programs and their international equivalents
  2. Aligning R&D and resulting IP with the technical and business plan road maps of Global 1000 companies that can quickly bring products and services to market
  3. Structure small business systems/processes to become a qualified government contractor and vendor to the Global 1000 supply chain
  4. Proactively develop a comprehensive intellectual property portfolio and global IP licensing strateg

Any SBIR R&D will have a demonstration component at BASIC-M farms such as the Greeley one.


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